The new D-Stream WAMP-200SB is a Digital and Wifi amplifier.

The form of this beautifully compact new amplifier has a heritage in French design. The sleek curved brushed black aluminium casework with silver edge accents, intuitive and breathtakingly simple front panel controls and display, look unlike any other entry level amplifier.

D-Stream is an innovative French and Chinese owned company.  The unique advantage of D-Stream is that it successfully combines French creativity and design with efficient engineering techniques. On sound quality alone, the new D-Stream WAMP-200SB stands as the best sub-$1000 amplifier I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. It’s engaging, balanced, and produces room filling sound.  Read our comprehensive review to find out why this new amplifier sounds so good and how it will improve many systems. Its astonishing sound, affordability, compact size and feature make it ideal for a number of applications -

* With a pair of speakers it's the the perfect starting solution for an entry level music system

* A better alternative to wireless/bluetooth speakers and TV sound bars - add your choice of speakers.

* A up-to-date replacement for older ampllifiers - D-Stream can do streaming!

* Set-up a great sound, easy to operate D-Stream multi-room system.

* A great amp to run with a pair of high performance smaller speakers like the Monitor Audio Studios.