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Shop here for Tivoli radios, Geneva bluetooth sound systems and the best in home audio componemets. 

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Totally Wired is a whole lot more than just a retail space. Our web presence has continually grown and we’re now at the point where roughly 80% of our business is on-line with clients not just in New Zealand but all around the world. Even within Dunedin, we've found that people will consult our website first. So for 2017 we've moved from the Terrace Houses to a home base while we redevelop our website to improve the quality of information and navigation for you. 

This online shop makes it easy for you to quickly purchase some of the most popular items. 

In the last three years we’ve also established two fantastic agencies where we are able to bring you products directly from the designers - the NuPrime range of electronics and the Australian KLEI cables from Keith Eichmann. In both cases we’ve got a long history with the brands and having done well with them, the chance to take a step out of the conventional distribution structure allows us to deliver you better value and carry a greater range in stock.

We’re also planning to concentrate more on the best components from our other partners - the Well Tempered turntables, Sonus faber speakers, Stax electrostatic headphones and Pure Audioamplifiers being obvious examples. 

And yes, we’re most certainly still your best source for both Tivoli radios.