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Based in the city of Dunedin, New Zealand, Totally Wired provides high quality home music and cinema systems. 

Totally Wired are more than a retail space. We've had a presence on the web from the internet’s early days as it is an ideal platform to keep in touch with, and inform our customers. Here, on our online shop we have some of our more poular items for easy purchasing. On our website you’ll find pages of all the other stuff we sell along with useful and up to date information. Contact us anytime.

If you live outside of New Zealand, you will not be able to purchase through this site. We do however, regularly send overseas so please email us with your order. Read about buying and delivery.

Totally Wired, incorporated In 1990, are John Ransley and Carolyn Guytonbeck. We believe that nothing else has the power to communicate as music. The better HiFi becomes, the more music it will add to your life. And if you’d like to experience that, Totally Wired is for you.

You Can Rely On Our Advice. Every day we deal with a wealth of components and systems from the world’s best designers and manufacturers, so we’re uniquely qualified to help. Quality is everything to us; it dictates every choice we make from the simplest component to the most complex system. So whatever level you feel comfortable with, you’re assured of the highest performance, best value and longest possible life. We offer you a unique proposition with independence, experience plus a proven reputation for delivery.